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    Top Up Bundles

    We’ve introduced some new “top up” bundles to allow you (especially our returning customers) to make the most of our Buy One Get One 50% Off deal!

    Bundles qualify for the offer too so these will let you pick and choose which items you need a top up on.

    Magix Cream (2 Pack)

    $62.00  $80.00

    Activating Body Scrub (2 pack)

    $54.00  $67.00

    Summer Body Cream (3 Pack)

    $54.00  $80.00

    Hair Growth Oil (2 Pack)

    $54.00  $67.00

    Winter Body Cream (3 Pack)

    $60.00  $80.00

    Hydrating Mist (2 Pack)

    $54.00  $67.00